Now that I’m jobless and going to be home every day, there are a few things that I want to vow to keep doing. I don’t want to be one of those people who lose their sense of purpose and stops taking care of simple hygiene. 😉

  • Shower after having my first meal (always have to eat as soon as I wake up to keep morning sickness at bay).
  • Wear regular clothes, not resort to lounge pants and hoodies on a daily basis.
  • Put my makeup on.
  • Make the bed. This is something that I didn’t do on a daily basis when I had to get to work, so I want to start!
  • Open the blinds to let natural light in.

Some things that I’m relieved to finally have some time to get done:

  • File papers that have been stacking up since we lived in our temporary suite.
  • Organize my clothes by packing away some things that will no longer fit until after the baby.
  • Watch some of the movies I put on our instant Netflix queue!
  • Organize my email inbox that has almost 250 messages.
  • Find a shirt that I’ve been searching for but unable to find…it’s probably in one of the unpacked bins.
  • Start working on our baby registry – looking forward to that!
  • Clean the tub…once I have the energy for it.
  • Read some books that I purchased this summer but haven’t gotten to.

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