I think there are going to be many challenges to having a baby in a one-bedroom apartment through its first year of life. We have relatively large bedroom furniture, but decided that our bedroom is the only place for the baby to go. When it’s super little, we’d have to cook/watch tv/make phone calls/etc very quietly in order to provide a calm sleeping environment in the living room and kitchen area (it’s an open, connected area). When the baby gets bigger, it would be way too easily distracted by us out here to get to sleep. If he or she is in our bedroom, at least we’ll have a door to close so that we can go on with our daily routines while they’re sleeping. But…that also means no privacy for a year. Interesting trade-off. :-p

Then there’s the baby’s things. I can’t believe how much gear such a tiny being requires. We’ll probably need to store the stuff we’re not immediately using with one of our parents (i.e. the highchair until the baby is old enough). We had to purchase a rocker/recliner because we had no means of rocking the baby. Now our living room looks super cramped because there is so much furniture! I love the rocker/recliner and know we will need it. Likewise with the rest of the baby “gear.”

Our dressers and closet will be filled to the max. The bedroom is going to be hard to walk around in. But the good news is that it’s only for just over a year. And I know that once the baby arrives, it won’t matter how cramped it is in here because we’ll be so happy and in love with him or her. 🙂

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