The other day, I pulled on a pair of maternity jeans that I hadn’t worn in a week or two only to discover that they were a bit tight in the behind.  There hasn’t been any other change in the way my other pants fit, so I don’t know if my butt is expanding or if the jeans were in the drier too long. :'(  Needless to say, my body image took a bit of a hit at that moment.

Later, the hubster was lying on his stomach when I walked into the room.  My eyes went straight to his tiny, tight butt and I almost burst into tears.  I whined, “Will you still love me if I end up with a big butt?!?!?!”

Thankfully, the hubster has been very kind with my crazy body image issues lately.  He even offered up the ultimate sacrifice: he asked if I wanted him to get fat with me. 🙂

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