In the past month or so, insomnia has been getting the best of me.  Lying in bed for up to four hours before finally drifting off is just torture.  Now I’m also starting to get aches and pains in my hips and back, which certainly don’t help the sleeping situation.  Ever since twelve weeks or so, I’ve slept with a body pillow…but that’s not even helping anymore!

This week I scoured the internet looking for reviews on various pregnancy pillows.  They’re so expensive that I wanted to be sure to make the right choice!  Some of them were too bulky for our queen bed, others had poor reviews from users who are short, and still others were said to be too itchy.  I finally ordered one that was slightly less bulky, should work for my 5’3″ frame and looks to be breathable.  It arrived today and I cannot WAIT to try it out tonight!  I’ll provide a full review, including the name of the pillow, after trying it out.  🙂

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