Today, I had an awesome yet supremely rare opportunity to spend the entire day with my hubster. It was fantastic. 🙂

While thinking about how wonderful it was to be spending quality time together, it occurred to me that today was the first day he took off of work since we were visiting family during the holidays. I’m so proud and appreciative of him and how hard he works to provide for our growing family. While he’s extremely dedicated to excelling in school and his job, I’m going to start encouraging him to take more time to relax for both his own sanity and for us. I mean, one day off in two months?! The man needs a break!

Next weekend we’re taking our last mini-vacation before the baby is born, and I cannot wait. It will be so nice to get away and have a whole weekend just to be together without any work, school, or daily routines getting in the way. I think the hardest part about his job is that even when he comes home, he’s still AT work (his field is Residential Life). Getting out of town will be splendid. 🙂

What a fabulous day. Looking forward to some more “us” time tonight when we cuddle up at home and watch a movie.

Happy weekend, everyone!

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