While I’ve always enjoyed saving money and finding deals, I have developed a new love for it since we’ve started living solely off of the hubster’s graduate assistant salary.  I was thrilled when we received a 30% off coupon for Kohl’s in the mail this week!  There are a few big items, including a breast pump, that were still on our baby registry that I wanted to fulfill.  After shopping around and finding comparable items to the ones that I wanted at Babies R Us, I just placed a Kohl’s order and saved $100 in the process – AND got $40 in Kohl’s cash!

Did you know that Kohl’s has a ton of baby items available online only that can also be found at Babies R Us?  I found the breast pump that I wanted, which also happened to be on sale, as well as a changing pad, bottle brush and some baby toys.  They’re also having a baby sale, so everything I purchased was on sale in addition to my 30% off!

Some of my awesome deals today include:

  • a $280 breast pump, on sale for $238 – I paid $166.60
  • a $27 changing pad, on sale for $22.94 – I paid $16.06
  • an $18 monkey toy, on sale for $12.60 – I paid $8.82
  • a $20 2-pack of sleep ‘n’ plays, on sale for $14 – I paid $9.80
  • an $11 polo bodysuit, on sale for $4.95 – I paid $3.46

Last week, during the huge Old Navy Baby & Kids’ Sale, we purchased a clearance winter coat for about 75% off.  It was an awesome find!  I can’t believe how expensive that stuff is normally – it was originally over $40!

What are some ways that you’ve been thrifty for your family?

2 thoughts on “Bargain Shopping

  1. >Way to go!! It's definitely better getting the stuff on sale! I never pay full price for anything. Definitely see if you have a children's resale shop anywhere near you for baby/kids clothes. We do a lot of garage sale shopping in the summer time too. My kids loooove to go garage sale shopping.

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