Anyone else suffering from pubic bone pain?  Oh, the pain!  I’m staring at a dishwasher and dish rack filled with clean dishes to be put away, and I simply can’t bring myself to get up and walk across the room.  The pain and discomfort when I move positions, stand, or try to walk is insane.

My OBGYN is due the week before me and is also experiencing the same issue, but unfortunately she has not found any way to relieve the pain.

Has anyone experienced this problem in the 3rd trimester and discovered stretches to help?

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  1. Oh my can I relate. I only have dealt with this my last two pregnancies but very very painful. I have been relying on heat and ice to make it through the day. So sorry you are already feeling this pain. I often tell Sean he may have to hold me together as I feel I am going to rip in half right up the middle.

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