Last night had to be the worst night of insomnia since I got pregnant.  And that’s saying a lot.

Went to bed at midnight, like usual, but tossed and turned until 2am, when my stomach started growling so much that I got out of bed for a snack.  I decided to take my pillow with me and shut the bedroom door to spare poor Hubster from a bad night of sleep.  After Cheerios, cheese, chocolate and two hours of Netflix-watching, I was finally tired enough to doze off.  I woke up a ton of times because sleeping on the couch is not the most comfortable place. (Although, these days I’m not really comfortable anywhere.)  Then at 9:30am, I woke up and was unable to fall back asleep.  My hips are in agony.  I’m exhausted.  Oh, and because I didn’t get enough sleep, I get to deal with some morning-sickness-like nausea today.  Woohoo.

Dear Baby C, I’ll give you three more weeks to become full-term.  After that, would you please help mama out and vacate my uterus?!  Ok, thanks!

0 thoughts on “Insomnia – we are NOT Friends!

  1. Hey, Kristin, ask Nikki about not sleeping at night. I heard while she is in Missouri she’s been getting sleep in 10-minute increments due to her babies needing her. Could this be more practice??? I’m guessing Krysta has similar stories to share.

    Sorry!! I know I need my sleep or I get crabby, too.

    By the way, can’t sleep past 9:30 am? Nikki, Krysta, what are your thoughts on this????????

  2. Hey Kristin! I’m catching up on all your posts during this slow day at work. This just happened to me Sat night. I went to bed around 11pm, woke up at 3am and could NOT go back to sleep for several hours. I just tossed and turned, good thing hubby can sleep through anything. Then I was soooooo hungry too! I couldn’t bring myself to crawl out of bed to walk up 20+ stairs, so I just guzzled water (bad idea, because bladder forced me up later anyways). I have a feeling by what you said that this only gets worse…heaven help me! I’m still under 20 weeks along- not even half way yet. Can’t wait to see baby pics! Miss you!

    1. Hey Chels!

      That is so frustrating! Hope you were able to get some sleep eventually. Oh yes…in a couple months, it’ll be difficult to sleep just because you’re so uncomfortable. Hope you’ve been feeling well and enjoying your 2nd trimester 🙂 Saw your pic of your new glider – awesome, looks so comfy!


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