This winter has dragged by.  It seems like we have had a snowstorm nearly every weekend since November 1st!  Yesterday, it was beautiful, warm and sunny….and today it’s a rainy mess.

I think I’m a little depressed.  On Friday, the baby dropped.  That would be a good thing, except for the tremendous pain and discomfort I’m in.  It’s hard to bend at all anymore.  It hurts to walk.  And then this morning, I put a pair of my full-panel jeans on and the panel fits differently now that my belly is even lower than before.  I pulled out a maternity top that was billed as a “tunic,” but it looks more like  a mumu.  It’s raining outside and it’s really dark out.  I’m tired and can’t imagine doing this for another five weeks to reach my due date.  I’ve been reminded that I might go past my due date.

Ugh.  I need the rain to stop.  I need a little sun in my life!

One thought on “I Need a Little Sun in my Life

  1. Hang in there cousin, sunshine will come soon. Only a few more weeks until your little guy comes and lights up your whole world. I would highly encourage you to do something you have been putting off or always wanted to do while you are waiting. For example, make a memory book, read a book, take a class on a topic of interest, explore your new town. Do something that will be harder to do once you are a Mommy. Take it from me your life will really change, yes, for the positive, but there will be aspects of being independent that you will miss.
    Remember to be thankful!
    Love ya!

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