35 weeks

Size of baby: Large Cantaloupe (up to 22 inches, approx, 5.5 lbs)

Newly craved food:  Veggie subs from Subway

Food aversions: Beef, fried foods

What do you miss?  Being comfortable.

What are you looking forward to?  The ability to sleep on my back, stomach, or however I wish.

What was the BEST part of last week?  Hubster was able to attend our childbirth class and car seat safety class with me, which was awesome!  I attended one class solo and was the only one there without a partner…it was very sad, so I’m super glad he’s been able to be at the rest of them.

What was the WORST part of last week?  The baby dropped and now I’ve been having a significant amount of hip, pelvic and back pain as well as cramping.

35 Weeks


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