I have a few different pregnancy apps on my iPhone, and for the past few weeks my baby’s size has been the equivalent of a watermelon.  This week, that watermelon is now between 6-9 lbs (goodness, I hope he’s not 9 lbs!).  I can definitely tell that my belly is huge, because it’s getting in the way quite often…

  • Every time I get something in/out of the microwave, I knock the towels off of the bar of the oven.
  • C’s feet often take up residence inside my rib cage (thanks, short torso), so it’s nearly impossible to bend over the sink to wash my face.
  • Turning over in bed is like running a mini-marathon.
  • Yesterday, I had an itch on my foot.  I couldn’t reach it.
  • The majority of my maternity shirts no longer completely cover my belly.  The Bella Band was honestly the best maternity purchase I made (outside of my pregnancy pillow), because now I have to use it to make sure the bottom of my big ol’ watermelon isn’t hanging out.
  • If I drop something on the floor, I have to spread my feet real wide and do a squat to pick it up.
  • It feels better to sit on my exercise ball, because my belly hangs so low that it can then rest on the surface of the ball.
I hope this watermelon doesn’t turn into a pumpkin (overdue)!

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