I totally felt like Superwoman yesterday.  Today…not so much.  Now I understand what people mean about the highs and lows of caring for a newborn.  Early this morning, I came down with either the flu or some kind of food poisoning, so I’m not at my best today to begin with.  I have to admit, heaving less than two weeks after a c-section is quite painful.  :-/

Hubster had a work commitment for a few hours this afternoon, and C insisted on giving me a hard time.  Every time I put him down, he cried.  At one point, he was freshly changed, had been fed and shouldn’t have been tired but was still crying.  I started crying, too.  I was never so glad to see Hubster than I was when he came home from his meeting.  Bless his heart, he took care of C for the rest of the afternoon while I napped.  He is wonderful.

Hoping tonight will be better!

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  1. So sorry to hear you had a tough day, honey. Thumbs up to Hubster for chipping in. Sure hope things will get better for you soon and that tomorrow will bring relief for C with the new bottles. Hope tonight is a better night for our little C. Love you all so much!

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