It’s so difficult watching your 2-week-old baby look at you with a pained expression while he’s crying inconsolably.

I think C has acid reflux, and it seems to get worse every day.  He has a desperate pain cry after eating and arches his back in pain.  He cries for a long time and his pain often wakes him up.  He’s most comfortable sleeping on our chests because he can be upright.  He gags, vomits and gets the hiccups all the time.  I want to cry when he’s crying.  It’s so sad that I can’t make it better.

I’ve tried to stay away from foods that can cause reflux in babies.  We’ve propped his changing table so that he’s on an incline.  His sleeps on an incline.  We keep him upright after feedings.  We’ve tried different bottles.

Nothing seems to help and he keeps getting worse. 🙁  I can’t wait for our appointment with his pediatrician tomorrow afternoon.  I hope there is something that we can do to help our poor little boy.

3 thoughts on “Infant Acid Reflux?

  1. Oh No! Poor baby! My son had alot of trouble during his first year. He suffered from acid reflux and also had an immature valve (sphincter) in his esophagus that allowed the contents to go back up instead of going down and staying down. He had to have a test when he was a few months old and that is what the docs found. I hope your doctor can give your poor baby some relief! My boy also had to have simethicone drops – oral, Mylicon, in his bottle.

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