C had his first checkup with his pediatrician this afternoon and he did great.  At 8 pounds, 13 ounces, he successfully surpassed his birth weight!  His doctor prescribed Zantac for his acid reflux.  We will be able to start and stop that for him as we wish to experiment and see if it helps him.  I’m relieved that we can have that to fall back on, since my own experimenting with avoiding certain foods for breastfeeding (spicy, citrus, chocolate, etc.) has yielded zero results.

I’m really excited that his pediatrician is very nice, thorough and didn’t make us feel rushed at all when we were asking questions.  This doctor was recommended by Hubster’s supervisor, who has three boys, and I couldn’t be happier with his recommendation.

C is now in the 82nd percentile for weight.  That just makes me laugh, because he looks so scrawny!  His arms and legs are a bit too long for most of his newborn-size clothes, but all the 0-3 month clothes just hang on his little frame.

Hoping the Zantac will give our little man some relief!

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