WOOHOO!!!  My 6-week checkup is over and now I can return to life-as-usual.  Exercising, being able to lift C in his carseat…doing whatever I want!  I am *SO* excited to start working out again.  Now, to work back into a cardio routine…

What exercise routine did you start with after a c-section?  (or a vaginal delivery)

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  1. WALKING!! I did a lot… LOT of walking after delivering going to the hospitals etc and I was shocked how much it did for me. 🙂 If that sounds like a good idea, get a jogging stroller for C. That’s the absolute best thing if you enjoy scenery and fresh air. You can walk/jog with him anywhere so you get exercise and bonding time all in one. 🙂

  2. Thank you!

    Yes, walking was the *only* thing I’ve been able to do since delivery. It’s been great; we go on family walks almost daily. I think we’ll get a jogging stroller once we have a bigger place to store it. We have one that his infant carrier can pop into and he can use it once he’s bigger, too.

    Currently looking at two different gyms to see if I want to join one of them…

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