I think couponing is a way of embracing my new role as a stay-at-home mom.  While I do work from home, I also recognize the need to save money and keep a tight budget since we don’t have two full-time incomes.  Diapers are expensive, aren’t they?!  😉

Usually, I plan our meals around the weekly sales at the grocery store.  This week I took it a step further.  We went through our freezer and are planning on using up everything that we have in there.  It’s amazing what you accumulate and forget about.  I only purchased produce that was on sale.  In fact, with the exception of a couple items, everything that we purchased was on sale this week.  After I handed over the coupons – get this! – I saved $20!  TWENTY DOLLARS!  I was SO excited!

One of Hubster’s coworkers is really into couponing and offered to teach me some strategies before she moves away to take a different job this summer.  I’m pumped to learn more about saving money for our family.

Do you have a shopping strategy?

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