The First Years Bottle Drying Rack

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When we were selecting items for our baby registry, Hubster and I didn’t think that we would need a bottle drying rack.  We thought it would be a waste of counter space.  For the first two months, we used our regular drying rack for all of C’s bottles.  The problem was that there were always bottles occupying the drying rack, which didn’t leave any room for dishes.

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5 Things You’ll Love About Pregnancy

1. It’s acceptable to wear stretchy pants on a daily basis.  Who doesn’t love the enveloping comfort of an elastic waistband?

2. You’ll be showered with gifts.  If you’ve been married, you might recall the joy of a gift registry.  You get to do that all over again – except this time you get to pick out all kinds of cute little clothes and accessories.

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5 Things You’ll Never Miss About Pregnancy

1. The incessant need to pee.  Seriously, there were some days that I could have camped out in my bathroom.  But our bed didn’t fit.

2. Not being able to see your feet.  I don’t normally look down when I walk, but the ability to see your feet is sometimes very helpful in preventing stubbed toes…or when scaling a flight of stairs.

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