Two sides, equally strong-willed and determined, face off in an epic battle of sleep.  A refusal to give into slumber is met with an equal dedication to enforce the rules of nap-dom.  Screaming and a theatric conflict of wills ensue.  There can only be one victor.

And it will be me.

4 thoughts on “The Battle of the Nap

    1. It did teach me what tired signs to look for. Everything else we’ve tried and are either continuing (i.e. routine, white noise, dark room, etc.) or didn’t work. This kid is so friggin’ strong-willed, sometimes it drives me nuts. Toddler-hood should be interesting. :-p

  1. haha, good post 🙂 Our daughter HATED napping (even more than my son who was much more ‘spirited’). Still to this day she will not nap during the day, even when she’s exhausted (she’s 7 now). It always seemed like she didn’t want to miss out on anything. She would only be held facing outward, I think because she wanted to know exactly what was going on around her. We read Healthy Sleep Habits Healthy Child (most helpful book ever), No-Cry Sleep Solution, Baby Whisperer, etc, etc. but some babies just don’t like to sleep!!

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