1. The incessant need to pee.  Seriously, there were some days that I could have camped out in my bathroom.  But our bed didn’t fit.

2. Not being able to see your feet.  I don’t normally look down when I walk, but the ability to see your feet is sometimes very helpful in preventing stubbed toes…or when scaling a flight of stairs.

3. The inability to tie your shoes.  I gave up on normal-person shoes and wore slip-ons for my entire 3rd trimester.  It’s like trying to bend over a ginormous bowling ball that kicks.  Screw that.

4. The pregnant woman shuffle.  By the late 3rd trimester, your normal walk morphs into that of a penguin.  Sexy.

5. Feeling like a washed-up whale.  When you’re ready to deliver any day, you can barely move, and the world no longer creates a shirt large enough to cover your belly…well, that’s a feeling you simply won’t miss.

On tap for tomorrow: 5 things to love about pregnancy.

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