1. It’s acceptable to wear stretchy pants on a daily basis.  Who doesn’t love the enveloping comfort of an elastic waistband?

2. You’ll be showered with gifts.  If you’ve been married, you might recall the joy of a gift registry.  You get to do that all over again – except this time you get to pick out all kinds of cute little clothes and accessories.

3. People will compliment you.  Yeah, of course there’s always the nay-sayers who say things like, “WOW, you’re huge!”  But for every one of those, there is at least one person to tell you that you’re glowing.

4. You’ll get preferential treatment.  Need to sit in a busy place?  Someone will look at your belly and then make room for you to sit down.  Going somewhere?  Someone might open that big, heavy door for you.  Granted, I remember being outraged that no one made room for me to sit while we were waiting at a restaurant once.  But I was also feeling exceptionally large, tired and angry at the world in that moment.

5. Your husband/fiance/boyfriend/significant other/random person on the street will do things for you.  Like bring you food.  Or paint your toenails.  Okay, so random person on the street may not submit to the latter…but you get the idea.

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