I went to the doctor last week to make sure I didn’t have bronchitis (I was sick for 2 weeks and have had a cough for 3), and had quite an interesting visit.  During the preliminary questions, she asked when my last menstrual period was.  When I told her that I hadn’t gotten it back yet after having C, she looked up from my file with big eyes and said, “You’re not pregnant, are you?”  I mirrored those big eyes when I said, “No!”

But ever since that, I’ve had these fears in the back of my mind.  OMG, what if…?!  I know it can’t be, but what if I was!  It’s now been 5 weeks since I stopped breastfeeding.  OMG, what’s wrong with me.  I over-analyzed every little craving and feeling of disgust (ew, I don’t want to eat a tuna sandwich.  Ahhhh, what if that means I’m pregnant?!).  When I couldn’t sleep at night, my mind would wander.  How would I tell people that I was pregnant AGAIN?  They would think Hubster and I were animals who couldn’t control ourselves!  My children would be less than a year apart!  WHERE WOULD I PUT A SECOND BABY IN A ONE-BEDROOM APARTMENT?!

The horror!

Alas, tonight my dear frenemy (Aunt Flo, as some call her), has returned to vanquish my fears.  I never thought I’d be happy to have her return.

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