Apparently C has decided that instead of the more palatable wake-up time of 7 or 8, he would prefer to wake up at 5:30am.  FIVE THIRTY IN THE MORNING.  Naturally, he insists on continuing two night feedings, the second of which is typically between 3:30 and 4:30.  Thus, he leaves me with somewhat of a “cat nap” before getting up for the day.

Let me remind you, lest you forget, that C also does not nap during the day unless he is held.

This leaves me with the age-old question (oh wait, it’s not an age-old question?  You mean there are babies who actually sleep?): Why, dear child, do you not require more sleep than an adult?

4 thoughts on “5:30? 5:30??!!!

  1. Oh boy…..what fun!!! 😉

    My son was a very good napper (but he was not a good sleeper at night!) I would feed him his bottle and as soon as he started getting drowsy and sleepy, that was my cue to lay him down. Maybe try that with your baby. It might take a few days for him to get used to this new way of napping, but I bet that he’ll catch on. Keep his bedroom darkened and run a fan (for the white noise). I learned this little trick from an older Mom at my church, and it really did work.

  2. My baby had to be held too for his naps till he was about 4-5 months old and even after that he’d sleep for long only if I lied down beside him. Darkening the bedroom and following the same nap times day after day helped set his body clock so much so he’d go to sleep anywhere and everywhere when it was nap time.

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