I’ve mentioned in the past that Hubster has a live-in graduate assistantship.  He is a residence hall director and we live in the hall director apartment in a residence hall.  There are distinct pros and cons to raising a child in a residence hall.  It’s an environment that emphasizes the value of education and diversity.  I’m really excited that my son will be growing up understanding how valuable and exciting higher education is.  We will have the opportunity to expose him to a diverse group of people, backgrounds and beliefs.  There are many students that may not have experienced these things until entering college, but our son will be opened to them from the beginning.

Then there are the downfalls of raising a child in this type of environment.  Things such as a surprise fire alarm screeching in the middle of the night and rushing into the cold night air.  I can’t WAIT for that, which will inevitably happen this winter.  (That reminds me, I should have things prepared to grab when we’re running out the door…)  There’s moments like tonight, when C is in the middle of a night feeding and is startled by a young man shouting the F-word in the hall.  Right now, he’s young enough not to know what it means, but I dread the day that he starts repeating everything he hears.

I suppose that, as with everything else in life, you take the good with the bad.  Hopefully C will somehow manage not to develop an extensive, cringe-worthy vocabulary and instead become a boy who is eager to learn and is open and accepting of all people.

2 thoughts on “Raising a Child in a Residence Hall

  1. As narrow minded as this may sound, another HUGE benefit is money. Living on campus and being a staff member almost always means something huge is covered as far as expenses go. You have no idea how much I envy that about your current residence!!

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