I feel like C’s at a stage where I’m buying a bunch of stuff for him again.  Today, I had to buy a snowsuit (which I got a great deal on – thanks TJ Maxx!) and several 9- and 12-month pajamas (it’s only a matter of time before he’s too tall for those 6-month ones!), ordered a food processor/steamer on Amazon for making his baby food, and purchased a Halloween costume.  Okay, so I didn’t NEED to purchase a Halloween costume for him, but he’s going to be so cute in that bumble bee outfit!  🙂

I’ll need to find a hat and mittens for him, as well as some shoes that I can slip on him when it’s cold out.  His feet are already too big for my favorite little shoes that I had bought him at Old Navy before he was born.  Any tips on great places to buy infant hats/mittens?

C’s growing so quickly!  The past couple of days he’s been laughing and babbling in his car seat when we’re out on errands.  We have no idea what he’s laughing about in the backseat.  He loves to squeal and laugh.  I think he enjoys hearing his voice.  It’s pretty hilarious.  The older he gets, the more fun he is!


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  1. You will enjoy every stage of his life for different reasons. Children are so fantastic! I met a Mom yesterday with a little boy that was about 18 months and he was so excited about “choo choo’s” he was trying to tell me about a movie with choo choo’s. She said he is obsessed with anything with choo choo’s. I commented on how adorable he is and how much fun I bet she is having and she said, “He’s a LOT of fun. A Lot of work but a Lot of Fun!” with a great big smile full of joy on her face. Then there was another little boy in his daddy’s arms that walked by and said a great big “HI” with a big smile on his face. Children are the greatest gift from God! I enjoyed every stage of your life for many reasons also. There is nothing more rewarding than the smile on your child’s face or the hug/kiss they give you letting you know how much they love you. It is the BEST! When they are happy, you just glow with pride and joy! When they are sad, your heart just breaks for them. Motherhood! So very rewarding! Keep writing so we can all share in your moments. We love reading about them. 😉

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