It’s been quite a day.  Quite.  A.  Day.

In addition to his cold, C was having a bad teething day today.  I don’t understand why I’m so tired, because we didn’t even leave home today.  I think it’s emotional exhaustion and frustration.  When C wasn’t whining, he was screaming.  The only time that he was quiet was when I went against one of my fundamental parenting philosophies – we cuddled up in the bed and watched television.  Don’t judge me!  A mother needs a little silence!  It’s not like I can just leave the room to get some peace when we live in a one-bedroom apartment.  Maybe it’s okay to do that if the alternative is losing your mind?  *sigh*

So now that C is in bed for the night, I have some brownies in the oven.  This will relieve my stress in two ways:

1. Baking relaxes me.
2. Chocolate!  Need I say more? 😉

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