There are numerous benefits to living on-campus for Hubster’s position as a Hall Director, but there are moments (or nights) when those seem to be outweighed by the negative experiences. Tonight was one of those nights.

Less than two hours after C went to bed, the fire alarm went off. Now, this is not just your typical fire detector. Imagine an air horn siren and flashing strobe lights with a male voice saying, “ATTENTION, ATTENTION. PLEASE MOVE TO YOUR NEAREST EXIT. ATTENTION, ATTENTION.” It is truly terrifying to wake up to that. My poor son woke up to that noise FOUR times tonight. FOUR!

For the first alarm, we spent maybe 15 minutes outside. Less than 30 minutes after we came back inside…just when I got C to fall back asleep…it went off again. We spent significantly more time outside for that one. When we came back in, the strobe lights continued to flash for about 45 minutes. In the amount of time it took me to breathe a sigh of relief when the lights went off, the alarm sounded for a third time. Off we went…this time, we didn’t need to exit the building because it went off during repair. Go back to the apartment…get C to fall asleep…prepare myself for bed…and guess what? Yes, the alarm goes off AGAIN.

This time, C and I waited out at the front desk until the electrician and security left the building. Hopefully that means the rest of our night will be quiet.

As for Hubster, he’s lucky enough to be on duty tonight (sarcasm intended). He’s pretty much having the worst duty night he’s had since last spring, so he’ll probably end up pulling an all-nighter. Poor guy.

Here’s to hoping the rest of our night is alarm-free!

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