Come over for dinner any night this week and you’ll probably find us having some type of casserole.  That’s kind of weird, too, because I rarely make casseroles.  There’s something about popping a bunch of ingredients all in one dish that has been very appealing this week.

On Sunday night, I tried out this Hurry Up Chicken Pot Pie recipe from Paula Deen.  It was delicious, but I think she was trying to kill us with all of that butter.  This recipe doesn’t need any butter, much less a whole stick of it!  If you like pot pie, I would recommend this recipe though (minus all of that artery-clogging action).

Tater tot/zucchini casserole was on tap last night.  In an attempt to use up a bunch of random things we have laying around, I threw sliced zucchini, ground beef, cream of mushroom soup, some tater tots and cheese into a dish.  It turned out to be quite good.  I’d typically skip the tater tots, but we still some of those in the freezer from an old pregnancy craving.  😉

What are some of your favorite casseroles?


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