When I look at this, I'm happy it *only* took me 6 months! 😉

Yes, I realize it has been six months since my son was delivered via c-section.  I never thought it would take this long or be this much work to get back into my pre-pregnancy jeans.  It’s been a bit disheartening seeing other moms get back to their pre-pregnancy size, or even smaller, months before I have.  But, it’s time to put all that behind me because it’s my time now – I DID IT!  Today I was able to button my pre-pregnancy jeans!!!

I’m amazed at how difficult it is to recover from a c-section.  I still have a long way to go on my stomach for my abs to be as strong as they once were.  I strongly encourage other c-section mamas to try a Mamavation 2 Week Challenge.  My first challenge last month was difficult, but I did it.  There are still a couple days left of my second 2 week challenge and I’ve noticed a difference in my strength and, obviously, in my clothes.  It is AWESOME.  The accountability and support, via Twitter, is amazing.  I love it.

After countless hours of cardio, training for and completing a 5k, two Mamavation 2 Week Challenges and other strength training, I am so thrilled to be writing this post today.  One goal down – here’s to meeting the next goal! 🙂


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