Yes, it’s a bold statement.

I am disappointed in my generation.  I am disappointed in their reaction to the Penn State scandal.

I am disappointed that they are more outraged over Joe Paterno getting fired than they are over children being abused.

I am disappointed that they’re rioting about the consequences of a cover-up being exposed rather than the fact that there was even a cover-up in the first place.

One in three girls and one in seven boys will be sexually abused at some point in their childhood (  Why is my generation not outraged by this?

I am disappointed that there are so many people who could have stopped Jerry Sandusky from abusing more children, but they did not do more.  I am disappointed that they simply took it to their supervisor and let them handle it.  I am disappointed that when the people of authority did nothing, the witnesses didn’t speak up.

I am disappointed at all of the outrage on Twitter and Facebook about the end of JoePa’s career.  Boohoo.  What about the children whose lives were forever tainted by sexual abuse?  Why are we not equally outraged about that?

I am disappointed that so few in my generation are speaking out for voiceless victims.  People are affected every day by abuse.  Football at Penn State will move on, but Jerry Sandusky’s victims will never forget what he did to them.

I am disappointed that abuse against children doesn’t create as much of a public outcry as the firing of a football coach.  It outrages me.

I am disappointed that child abuse doesn’t outrage my generation.

I challenge you to be outraged by violence and abuse.  If we all assume that someone else will speak up, then no one will.  

If you have concerns, questions or need to report abuse, please contact Rape, Abuse and Incest National Network ( at 1-800-656-HOPE.  It’s better for the situation to end up being nothing than to do nothing about it. 

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