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We’ve all seen supermom.  She effortlessly drives around town in her minivan, escorting her children to all of their extracurricular activities.  Dressed in school colors, she claps wildly at her kids’ sporting events.  She bakes elaborate snacks and her house is always spotless.  She has time to do her hair every morning and never wears yoga pants unless she’s working out.

I’m most definitely not supermom.  I have no idea how supermom operates, but I’d welcome her into my home to provide me with a tutorial on life.  Lately, I’ve been starting to wonder if I really have what it takes to be a stay-at-home mom (SAHM).

While I thrive off of interactions with people, I’ve always been an introvert who needs some time alone to recharge.  I cannot be with anyone 24/7…even my own child.

In the past few weeks, I’ve come to realize that even my flesh and blood is not immune to my need to be alone.  I’ve had to spend a lot of solo time with C in the past few weeks while Hubster worked some long hours and attended two conferences.  A heaping dose of mom guilt comes along with realizing that you’re not capable of sanely taking care of your child every second.  I’m going to compare being a SAHM to having a job, though I do see it as both an occupation and a privilege.

When I worked outside of the home, I had lunch breaks.  If I got really sick, I took a sick day.  When I had to use the bathroom, I did so without my boss crying because I left my desk.  I went home at the end of the day to do whatever I chose to do.  Each night, I slept without being interrupted by my boss.

I miss those moments of alone time!  That time to just take care of yourself and just “be.”  I don’t know if I have what it takes to be a SAHM long-term.  I know that I will continue until we move next summer.  Perhaps by then I will figure out how to be a SAHM and not lose my identity (and sanity!) in the process.  I’ve been told by other SAHMs that the first year was very difficult.  I’m learning that in order to be a good mother and wife, I need to get away.  Hubster has agreed to let me get out once or twice a week for a few hours of “me time,” and I am so glad.

How do you handle being a SAHM?

8 thoughts on “Am I Stay-At-Home Mom Material?

  1. OMG I love this article! It is so kind of you to reference me in the beginning! HA I’m an extrovert but still desire many moments of alone time. I too feel so much guilt at even the thought of going back to work to get a break. Youre doing great! Keep it up we are all with you!

    1. I’m glad I could give you a shout-out, Supermom! 😉 haha

      Mom guilt is so powerful. Thank you for the kind words. You’re doing great, too! So happy we’re not alone in this!

  2. Oh dear, YES! You need me-time to recharge. We all do – SAHM or otherwise. Moms and dads alike. We are HUMAN!

    By the way, I know a mom who wears the adult version of the school’s sports-uniform at events, it drives me bananas (though I’ve seen her house, meh!)

    1. Good gracious, that’s a little over the top! lol

      Thank you – I’m so happy I’m not the only one who struggles with the need for me-time. 🙂

  3. I can totally relate to the way you are feeling. I am with my 5 month old boy at home, round the clock. I love him more than anything but sometimes I feel as though I am under house arrest but without the ankle bracelet thingy. Unlike you, however, I am not a SAHM. I am a SAHD. SAHDs always seem to get overlooked. That is why I have decided to comment on every mom blog across this great nation. It is time SAHDs had avoice

    1. Hi Jamieson,

      Thank you for stopping by! I absolutely agree with you – SAHDs don’t get the credit they deserve. Staying home with a child is simultaneously one of the most difficult, noble and rewarding things that a parent can do. It’s awesome that you’re being a voice for SAHDs! Hang in there, I hear that it gets easier after that first year. 😉


  4. Kind of ironic, it cut me off before I was able to include my exclamation point. Let me try this again. ahem… It is time SAHDs had a voice!

  5. Great post! I am a NonMom, so mom to two cats and wife to a great hubby, but instead of feeling like I’m falling behind the other mom’s, it’s my friends who have neat organized houses and always are dressed to the nines that I get intimidated by. And, let’s be honest, the mom’s who are supermom’s get me too, I can’t even keep up with them!
    I wrote a guest post a bit ago on a similar topic but from my perspective you might enjoy, it’s nice to know we’re all still going through similar issues, makes me feel better 🙂
    Wishing you all the best & hoping things go ok for you.
    Glad I swung by via the BloggyMoms November hop 🙂

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