Okay, that title sounds rather conceited; but I’ve realized something needs to change after I’ve put everyone and everything before myself for so long.  There are a few things that I want to focus on this year that have been neglected.

I will focus on maintaining healthy habits.  While everyone in the world resolves to lose weight and/or get fit in the New Year, this resolution is more about overall health.  In 2011, I did not recognize my PPD symptoms because I didn’t make time for myself.  If I had delegated any of my time to my own needs, perhaps I would have noticed the signs before my PPD had become so severe.  In 2012, I will budget daily time for myself – whether that be in the form of exercise, relaxation or a nap (or a little of each!).

I’m going to put my needs and my family’s needs first.  It’s time to stop people-pleasing and do what’s best for my family and myself.  For too long, I’ve been worried about making everyone happy.  Example: Since we moved away from family and friends in 2010, I’ve known that it is impossible to please everyone when we go back to visit.  There simply isn’t enough time.  Despite this knowledge, I’ve done everything in my power to make everyone happy.  That behavior has put far too much stress on me and, inevitably, still doesn’t make everyone happy.  It’s simply not possible to be what everyone wants you to be, where everyone wants you to be, when everyone wants you to be there.  One nervous breakdown and nearly a second one later, I’ve seen the light.  In 2012, I resolve to put my needs and my family’s needs first.  Everyone else will deal!

I will breathe.  I already recognize that 2012 has the potential to be extremely stressful for me.  Hubster will be job-searching, which brings uncertainty of where we will move this summer.  I’m a planner.  The fact that I don’t know where we will be living is frightening.  Other stress-inducers: C becoming mobile, packing for a potentially cross-state move, moving and starting life in a new place.  In 2012, I will take time to breathe deeply, “let go and let God.”

What are some things that you’re going to do for yourself in 2012?

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