Hubster and I have decided to take the P90X challenge!  Okay, so the truth is that I’m excited about it and he’s begrudgingly going along with it.  I’ve been curious about this extreme 90-day fitness program for quite some time, but was always too scared to try.  One 5k and three Mamavation Two-Week Challenges later, I feel more confident in my abilities.

We’re doing the lean version (more cardio-based) to work into it.  I think I’ll try the classic version after we finish this.  We did the first workout last night, Core Synergistics, and I felt awesome afterward!  I’m still feeling awesome today, which makes me really excited for what is to come.  I know it will be challenging and we’ll probably get pretty sore, but I’m beyond excited to see the results we’ll get.

Have you ever tried P90X?  What did you think of it?

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