I had my first “med check” with my OBGYN yesterday to see what progress I’ve made with my PPD since I started treatment in early December.  While I was filling out the questionnaire, I had a hard time with the “difficulty concentrating” category.  I first circled “more than half the days in the past two weeks.”  Upon further reflection, I scribbled that out and circled “nearly every day.”  It made for a good laugh with my doctor when we joked about my ability to concentrate on the concentration question…

I’ve made significant progress.  When I was diagnosed in December, my PPD was moderately severe.  It is now mild.  That’s the good news!

The bad news is that my doctor increased my dose of medication, which means I’m starting all over with the adjustment period.  I’m really not happy about that, but am hopeful about how I will feel once this adjustment is over.  Maybe I’ll feel like myself again!  For now, I’m kind of holing up in my apartment while I experience my highs, lows, random sweats and dizzy spells.  At least this time we don’t have the added pressure of the holidays!

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