For a year and a half, I have wracked my brain wondering why my apartment randomly smells like poop sometimes.  It would be easy now to blame it on C, but he’s only been around for nearly nine months. 😉

Every time it happens, I walk around my apartment sniffing everything like a bloodhound.  The garbage can, the diaper genie, the bathroom, the sink, the refrigerator.  I probably look pretty crazy.  But how the heck does the smell of poo infiltrate our humble abode?  It’s an unsettling problem to have.

I think I finally solved the poop mystery.  We live just down the hall from our residence hall’s public restrooms and, even though a hallway door separates us, I think we get the privilege of smelling any ginormous deuce that people decide to take.  So here I sit soaking in the smell of someone else’s waste.  Yum.

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