Productivity to the Maxx

Whoa, I was wildly productive yesterday.  C’s stay with my parents continues, and I am a goal-making, to-do-list-crossing-off machine!  BAM!

I’ve been working, running errands, working out, helping Hubster prepare for his placement conference (where he’ll have 12 interviews in 2 days), cleaning and organizing the apartment.  I’m pretty much a rockstar.

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11 Hours of Sleep? Divine!

I got 11 – ELEVEN!! – hours of sleep last night!  It was absolutely divine and for the first time since before I had C, I actually feel well-rested.  I have energy and feel like myself again.  In fact, Hubster would tell you that I’m playing it fast and loose with the weird life commentary, sound effects and laughter today.  (Doesn’t he remember that’s just my personality?) 😉

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Review: Magid Disposable Nitrile Gloves

Cleaning – it’s a dirty job, but we all need to do it.  Now that we have a moving, grooving child in our home, I find myself cleaning a lot.  I enjoy the sparkly sheen of a clean home, but I don’t like how cleaning chemicals dry out my skin.  While I clean the bathroom, I like to wear disposable gloves to protect my skin from harsh chemicals.  I like that I can peel off the nastiness of bathroom grime and put the glove in the garbage when I’m done.  I received a box of 100 disposable nitrile gloves from Magid Gloves & Safety Manufacturing Company LLC for review and got to work testing them!

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