To Dwell

(yesterday afternoon)
Me: Can we hang out together tonight?
Hubster: What do you want to do?
Me: Nothing really.  I’d just like to dwell in the same room with you when we’re not asleep.

You know your spouse has been super busy lately when your idea of hanging out together is simply to dwell in the same room!

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Eating Right for PCOS

I’ve been doing a lot of Google searching about PCOS and the type of diet that is best for people with it.  By diet, I don’t necessarily mean a temporary way to eat to lose weight; I’m talking about diet as the lifestyle necessary for optimum health with this condition.  My goal is not only weight loss (though I am motivated by my doctor saying it’s “nearly impossible” for women with PCOS to lose weight), but optimum health because I want to give myself every advantage against the fertility difficulties that can result from this condition.  I want more babies, yo! 😉

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Finding Baby Clothes on Consignment

The midwest is experiencing an unseasonably warm spring (as in, temperatures 30 degrees higher than normal), and I realized that all of the shorts I have for C are a size too big.  ARGH.  Um, weather, didn’t you know that I don’t want to spend money buying C more clothes that he’ll only wear for a short period of time??!!

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