Lacy at Living on Love announced her monthly challenge for March: create a monthly mantra!  I found mine in the “Fitness” category of Pinterest, but it really applies to more than one area of my life right now.

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Recovering from PPD is certainly a long road, and I’m a work-in-progress.  There are some days when I feel great, like all of it is behind me.  Then a bad day hits and I have awful thoughts, as if recovering is not even possible.  This mantra is important to me.  I can do this.  I can keep going.

I’m also continuing to work hard at reaching my fitness and health goals.  I’m almost halfway there.  Sometimes I’m exhausted by the time C goes to bed at night and I don’t want to do my P90X workout; but this mantra reminds me that I can push myself to do it.  It’s a long, slow process that is both possible and worth all the hard work!

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