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Ever struggle to get the crusty boogers off your sick child’s nose?  I certainly did.  C would get so angry with us when we tried to wipe his nose.  He’d flail, kick, cry and shake his head wildly.  Then I remembered hearing about how great Boogie Wipes are.  My practical side was skeptical – wouldn’t a wet washcloth work just as well?  After fighting C for two days during his latest cold, I decided to give the Boogie Wipes a try.

Let me tell you, I wish I would have tried them sooner!  A few swipes with a Boogie Wipe were enough to make the crusty boogers disappear.  It took less time, which meant less of a struggle between C and me.  AND – they smell fantastic.  We bought the Fresh Scent.  It freshened up C’s entire face and made him smell great.  🙂

I’d recommend them!

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One thought on “Review: Boogie Wipes

  1. i have seen contests for these but since i dont have little kids i have not entered any of them. its nice to hear that they work so well! i also like that they have a nice scent.

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