Today, we have another guest post from my friend Rachel, from Supermom In The Making.  She blogs about the adventures of making it work with two hands and three babies.  Rachel is a mom to three children under the age of two, including 1-year-old twin girls.  Below, she teaches us how to save money by making our own baby wipes.  Enjoy!

Baby wipes are a necessary part of any parent’s arsenal, therefore, a necessary expense. While they’re not all that expensive, the cost still adds up to a surprisingly high number over time.

For example: We had three kids using baby wipes in our home at one point. So if I went on Amazon and bought a 3-pack of 184-count Huggies wipes, that’s $21. We would go through that 3-pack in approximately a month. So, for the sake of easy math, let’s pretend we bought another 3-pack at the beginning of each month. In one year, that would come out to:

  • 1 kid – $84
  • 2 kids – $168
  • 3 kids – $252 (That’s $504 in two years!)

For me, that’s over $500 on wipes in two years’ time. WIPES. This is something that you use to wipe poop off of your child’s rear end. I don’t know about you, but I think that’s a lot of money to be spending on poop duty.

Thankfully, if you don’t mind taking a few extra minutes to make your own, that cost can easily be cut in half, if not more! I got this “recipe” for baby wipes from a family friend and I was surprised to find how well they actually worked.

Here’s what you need:

½ Bounty Big Roll

1 ¼ cups warm water

3 T. baby oil

2 T. baby shampoo or wash

Cut paper towel roll in half. In the pictures I am using a cheap roll of paper towel. They still work, but they don’t hold together as well as the nicer paper towel. You can use whatever kind you want, but I’ve found Bounty Big Roll works the best. I would also recommend using scissors. I tried using a serrated knife… big mistake. I had paper towel confetti raining down in the kitchen.

Mix liquids well in container. Add paper towel cut-side down. Leave 5 minutes.

Turn roll cut-side up. Leave 15 minutes, then pull out center tube.

Pull wipes from center. Make sure to cover container when not using the wipes to prevent drying out.

The great thing is that these wipes work just as well for potty training. Say goodbye to potty training wipes (as long as you don’t flush them!)!

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