(yesterday afternoon)
Me: Can we hang out together tonight?
Hubster: What do you want to do?
Me: Nothing really.  I’d just like to dwell in the same room with you when we’re not asleep.

You know your spouse has been super busy lately when your idea of hanging out together is simply to dwell in the same room!

Hubster is in the midst of his final five weeks of graduate school, as well as a job search.  He’s also been experiencing numerous situations at work that need resolving, and require more attention than usual.  All of that has kept him extremely busy recently, and I don’t expect things to slow down until after graduation.  One awesome thing about having a live-in position is that C and I get to see Hubster when he pops home for lunch.

I’m eager for the quality family time that we’ll have in the time period between graduation and moving.  We’re planning a small vacation, C’s first trip to the zoo, and simply dwelling as a family.

Here’s a throwback picture of Hubster and me, from 2007.  We’ve been best friends since not long after we met.  We’ve always loved dwelling together.  I love you, Hubster.  C and I are proud of you and cheering you to the finish line!

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