My baby boy turns one at the end of this month.  It can’t be!  Where did the time go?  What happened to my sweet, tiny infant who slept perfectly in my arms?

This past year with him went by far too quickly.  During his first colicky two months, I sometimes begged God to make the time pass more quickly so that difficult phase would end.  During his third through fifth months, he refused to nap anywhere but in our arms.  I spent so many hours confined to our rocking chair.  I often prayed that C would just get over it and sleep alone so that I could take a bathroom break.

Now I would love to go back in time to snuggle my newborn and touch his soft cheek to mine.  I want to gaze lovingly at my infant sleeping peacefully in my arms.  I want to hold those tiny little hands and feet again.  I want to enjoy one more of those days when it was so easy to get hugs and cuddles from an infant who is too little to squirm and contort himself out of my arms.

I continually love this boy more as the days pass.  He is the most beautiful, perfect thing to ever happen to me.  C, I don’t want you to grow up so quickly!  Mama might cry on your birthday, but they will be tears of happiness and love.

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