We’re moving in two-ish months to a new state.  A lot has changed about our life since we first moved here two years ago.  Instead of getting my graduate degree, I became a mother who works at home.  We have a rapidly growing, wild, delightful little boy who enjoys exploring our apartment.  We’ve really outgrown this one-bedroom space.  Honestly, there’s quite a bit of stuff that we have in this apartment that we really won’t use anymore in this new chapter of our lives.

I decided to face reality.  I’m now a mom to an awesome little boy; but that came with consequences.  My chest is bigger.  My hips are wider.  It’s time to get rid of all those small, old jeans, pants, shirts and sweaters that my hips and chest will never fit into again.  It’s time to kiss the bar clothes goodbye – you know, those super low-cut shirts you wear out when you’re in your early 20s.  The kind that are completely inappropriate once you bear a child.

It was time to sort through the bins in my closet, that contained bits and pieces of my high school and college years.   Goodbye, favorite pajama pants that I often wore to 8am classes.  Goodbye, short sweater that my boobs would now turn into a belly shirt.  Goodbye, skinny jeans.  Hello, child-bearing hips.

Here is the fruit of my labor, four bags filled with clothes ready to be donated:

I’ve also collected some things that I want to donate to a local women’s shelter: a bottle that I won in a contest but never used; deodorant purchased via couponing that Hubster didn’t like; socks that are too tight around C’s ankles.

It feels so good to know that these things that are just cluttering up our lives will be going to a new home where they will be appreciated.  It will also be a relief that we don’t need to haul this added clutter with us to our new adventure, where I’m sure another chapter will begin.

It’s time to simplify and move forward.

What have you simplified in your life lately?  What would you like to simplify?



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