Well, we did it!  We moved our bed into the living room so that C could have his own bedroom.  We have so much more floor space now, and we have been sleeping wonderfully.  Wonderfully!

Please excuse the piles of laundry. There's always laundry in some stage of completion at Chateau de Novotny.

I wish I had agreed to make this move sooner.  I was concerned that it would be too weird to have our bed in the living room when we had guests.  The reality?  No one ever visits us.  If I had come to terms with reality sooner, C and I could have been sleeping better for months! 😉

On Monday night, C slept for – drum roll, please – TWELVE HOURS STRAIGHT!  It was absolutely amazing.  I don’t wake up to his every move, he doesn’t wake up after I wake up from his movements…the vicious cycle is over.  I couldn’t be more pleased.

C even has space to play on the floor in his bedroom!

I love that the bedroom now houses C’s bed, changing table and the recliner where we feed him his bottles.  It’s like all of his things are in his own space.  Maybe the part of me that felt bad about not being able to have a nursery for my baby is now slightly appeased.

Yay for more sleep!

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