Since we all know that not all aspects of life with a baby are filled with sunshine, rainbows and glitter…

Let’s talk about the tasks we can’t stand, but have no choice in doing.  I can handle poop.  It’s smelly, it’s messy, but in the end it’s just human waste and we all produce it.  I can deal with urine.  I’ve been peed on several times by my son.  Whatever – urine is sterile.  Baby vomit has an extremely unpleasant smell and although makes my own stomach turn, cleaning it up is still not what I consider the worst task in baby care.

What do I hate the most?  Cutting nails.  C hates being contained while I trim his nails.  He cries, screams and thrashes when I [try to] cut his fingernails.

fast-growing by stetted on flickr

And the toenails?  Even worse.  *sigh*  C has super wiggly toes attached to legs that kick wildly whenever you touch his feet.  He also inherited Hubster’s thick toenails.  It’s like the perfect storm.

Untitled by snickclunk on flickr

So we’ve discovered that we need to tag team the nail cutting endeavors.  It isn’t pretty, but it has to be done.

Which baby care task do you hate the most?

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