Sometimes it makes me sad that we live far away from our family and close friends.  I wish that we could just jump in the car and attend every birthday party, life event, holiday or random get-together.  We thought a six-hour drive was difficult when we moved here…but then we had C, and it is exponentially more difficult.  There is so much stuff to pack and plan for, and the drive is so much longer with him.  He hates being confined to his carseat, forcing us to make numerous stops and endure his loud protests.  PPD and 6-7+ hours in a car with an angry baby do NOT mix.

This weekend, one of my dearest friends had a bridal shower.  Hubster had a bunch of work to do and couldn’t leave for the weekend, and I knew that I wouldn’t be able to make that trip with C by myself.  I was so sad that I missed it.  I’m honored to be a part of her wedding and can’t wait to celebrate her big day with her!

We’re so excited to live closer soon so that we can see our loved ones more often!

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