Monica Leonelle has released Socialpunk, the first part of her Socialpunk Trilogy.  If you enjoy books like Ender’s Game, Neuromancer or The Hunger Games, then you’d likely enjoy Socialpunk!

Monica Leonelle is a well-known digital media strategist and the author of three novels. She blogs at Prose on Fire and shares her writing and social media knowledge with other bloggers and authors through her Free Writer Toolkit.  Below is an excerpt from Socialpunk, available via Amazon or Barnes and Noble.

 A woman with long purple eyelashes, who kind of reminded Ima of a butterfly, brushed by Ima with tattooed art entirely covering both her arms. One of the tattoos started out as a young boy who grew just a little older with each second, until he looked like a man. To Ima’s amazement, the tattoo played like a home video.

Ima looked at Vaughn for explanation. “How—?”

“Pixel skin-grafts,” Vaughn whispered into ima’s ear. “Some people do their entire bodies in them. Doesn’t do much in terms of protection, but lets you change your outfit on a Clout.

Monica Leonelle is also hosting a giveaway to celebrate the kickoff of The Socialpunk Trilogy.  Enter via the Rafflecopter widget below to win one of three awesome prizes!

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