I’m a little sad today.  Today is the last day we have as a family in C’s first home.  We’re dropping him off with my parents tomorrow, and he’ll be with them for a week while we pack up our things and move out of state.  I’m not too sad about leaving our first family “home” behind, because let’s face it – it hasn’t been that easy living in a one-bedroom apartment.  What saddens me more is that we won’t see our little C for a week while we start the first phase of our big transition.  Phase one entails living in Hubster’s brother’s house for the 3+ weeks before we can get our keys for our new apartment, on the campus of Hubster’s new job.

It’s as if C knows that we’re dropping him off tomorrow.  Despite being tired and cranky, he’s been showering us with affection.  I’m going to miss his sweet, mischievous smile and those darling hugs and kisses.  I can’t wait until we get to pick him up again!

With C around, we haven’t been able to get much done in the way of packing.  Hubster and I will be powering through the packing this week before we move on Friday morning.  Since I’ll be occupied with that, several guest bloggers will be featured here over the next week.  They’re friends, fellow bloggers, and talented writers, so I hope you’ll stop by to check them out!  Have a great week, loves.  This week is going to be a bit stressful – wish us luck!

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