Last week, we moved from one Midwestern state to another.  We’re back in our home state now, which is awesome, but let me tell you – moving is a real bitch.

I’ve always gotten stressed out during moves.  Factor in mental illness (postpartum anxiety and postpartum depression) and it’s about 1000 times worse.  I had no idea that I’d find myself holding onto sanity by an unraveling thread.  If anything had gone wrong, I’m pretty sure I’d be writing this from the nuthouse.

But wait!  We’re only done with Phase One of our Moving Month du Jour.  In less than a month, we get to move to our new apartment.  For now, Hubster’s wonderfully generous brother is allowing us to stay in his home that he’s preparing to put on the market.

Did I mention how wonderfully generous this is?  🙂  I’m so pleased and relieved that we get to have our own space during this month of transition.  I don’t think anyone (except any lovelies who also experience anxiety) can understand how important it is for me to have my own space.   I get super anxious about being judged for any minute thing (not that anyone would judge me; it’s just my perception of reality), our routine being altered, not having my “me” time when I need it, etc.  The fact that we have our own home to live in right now is really invaluable, considering how difficult this whole moving process has already been on me.  Thank you, dear brother-in-law, for your generosity.

Anyway, I’ve learned some valuable life lessons this week that I thought I would share:

Don’t prematurely pack the Band-Aids.
I’m pretty sure this tape contraption was made for slicing flesh.  And if you manage enough coordination to escape unharmed, you’ll probably get a wicked paper cut from a cardboard box.

Don’t become apathetic about cleaning three months before you move.
I fell into the trap of, “Well, I’ll have to clean the microwave when we leave, so why bother wiping out that spaghetti sauce?”  Then a few weeks after that, “Look at all those sauce splatters!  Why bother covering this plate of explosive enchiladas that I’m about to reheat?”  I’ll tell you why you should cover it.  Because it will take you five times longer to clean that damn microwave the night before you move, when you have a billion other things on your to-do list that need to be done RIGHT NOW.

Don’t keep those shirts you wore when you were 18 and plan to fit into again.
Face reality, sweetheart.  Unless you tape up your chest with commercial-strength bandages, you’ll never fit into those shirts again.  Donate them.

Plastic wrap is your best friend.
No, not for bandaging your chest.  It’s useful for wrapping silverware tightly, protecting mirrors, keeping drawers from falling out, and about 100 other little things.

I hope for your sake that you aren’t facing a big move; but if you are, keep these life lessons in mind.  Have you learned any lessons while moving?

2 thoughts on “I’ll Become a Squatter Before I Ever Move Again

  1. I learned that . . . I hope I’m rich the next time I move so I can leave all my stuff behind, have a service sort through what is garbage and what can be donated, and start anew at my next home. Dare to dream, right?

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