Have you ever wondered how addicted you are to your mobile device and the internet?  Try going without cell service, data service and the internet in general for three days.  I gotta say, it was pretty rough for me.  I felt like I was transported to the stone age.  Okay, maybe just the early ’90s.

The small town that we’re living in right now is like a black hole of AT&T mobile/data service.  My phone doesn’t even get Edge data service here!  My phone reception shows three bars, but every call I have attempted to make has been dropped.  Remember those cell commercials from several years ago?  I feel like I need to hike to the highest point of town, perhaps scale the tallest building, to get full bars! 😉

I realized just how connected I am to family, friends, work and the blogging and PPD communities.  I rely so much on the internet and social media in my life, relationships and work.  Luckily, Hubster and his brother figured out how to get the internet working.  My life is complete again!

Do you think you could go without the internet and your cell phone? 

2 thoughts on “We Went Without the Internet for Three Days!

  1. I’ve learned that I can survive without the Internet and phone service if I’m surrounded by family and friends, with lots of activities going on from the time I wake up to the time I pass out exhausted at night. The other day, I even navigated my way from Eagle River to Main Street in Fond du Lac WITHOUT USING THE MAP ON MY PHONE. Amazing, right? If I’m not familiar with the area I’m in or if I’m bored, I’d freak out.

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