Last week, I had my first experience with mother’s intuition.  It makes me smile thinking about it.

We dropped C off with my parents the week of our move, so that he wouldn’t be getting into boxes and cleaning products as we prepared to leave our apartment.  He did really well with them, and we made sure we Skyped every day until moving day.

When we moved and realized we didn’t have data on our phones or internet service, I was sad that I couldn’t see my baby and tell him that we’d come get him in two days.  I woke up the day after our move and was so depressed.  I was in the pit of my PPD and couldn’t bring myself to get out of bed.  The reason?  I missed my son so much.  Hubster and I decided to go pick up C a day early and surprise him.

Meanwhile, unbeknownst to me, C had woken up that morning and stared solemnly at a family picture of us while he ate his breakfast.  After breakfast, he grabbed that picture and carried it around with him.  He even kissed it!  My parents said it was the first time all week he had done that, and they knew that he’d had enough and wanted mama and dada back.

When we saw C, we gave him a big hug and almost instantly, I felt complete again.  I was amazed when I heard the story about C and our picture.  It was like I innately knew that we had to go get him that day.  Mother’s intuition.  Quite an amazing thing!

Have you experienced mother’s intuition? 

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